Duff Ferguson

Duff Ferguson is a fractional CMO and expert in GTM strategies for B2B SaaS companies from $2M-$20M ARR.

His work helps companies enter new markets, identify gaps in their marketing strategy and unlock rapid growth by upgrading critical areas such as narrative, owned/earned media, holistic funnels, analytics and team.

His work has produced:
• Millions of dollars in items sold and services rendered
• Team performance with members who love what they do
• Close alignment between customer needs, company brands and sales/marketing strategy

Duff is a serial founder, having served in the executive team of six startups, including two of his own. 

In 2004, he launched Amplitude Digital, an award-winning Los-Angeles digital revenue growth agency that has served over 200 B2C and B2B brands in fashion, healthcare, tech, insurance and financial services. Previously, he was a senior marketer leading digital marketing and branding for McKesson, the Fortune 15 healthcare giant.

Duff lives with his family in Los Angeles, CA.

Areas of expertise:

Brand strategy & development
SEO & content
Social media
Public relations
Lead generation
Online advertising
Strategic partnerships
Video marketing
Podcast development & marketing


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“Duff can really capture the essence of a business in just a few minutes. He helps businesses show their authenticity.  His expertise really shows when it comes to capturing the right audience, adjusting targeting ads and delivering the right content for conversion. His recommendations come from years of experience and being surrounded with super smart and cutting-edge thinkers. He is always just ahead of the competition. ”


“Duff is a dedicated, jack-of-all-trades marketer who brings a high level of integrity and creativity to everything he does. His instinct for branding is always spot on and his passion for the work is always plain to see. It’s rare to see someone who has such strong traditional marketing skills as well as hands-on digital know-how.”


“Duff has great ideas and a stellar track record, but most importantly he takes the time to get to know your organization and can put your results first. Duff provides that kind of service.”


Content by Duff

The SaaS Growth Formula to Rule Them All

Driving exponential growth is the goal of every B2B SaaS company and its investors.

Investing in SaaS is a high risk venture with a high rate of startup failure (over 90%, according to Failory!). Company leadership has to make the right decisions that will lead to extended, rapid style growth and a path to profitability.


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The Founders Guide to the Fractional CMO

Outside of the founding executive team, the CMO is usually the first full-time C-level role that a startup will attempt to hire.

This can be a big mistake!

This stage is better served by a different kind of role: a fractional marketing leader.

Why? The expertise is right and so is the cost.



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Growth Metrics Defined: Burn Multiple

If you are spending $2M to get $1M in revenue, your burn multiple is unsustainable and your company will have trouble attracting capital. Burn multiple will tell you how efficiently your company uses its capital to create new recurring revenue. It also helps show how resilient the company might be when hard times hit.



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