Feature Matrix & product pricing tool

Growth stage: 3rd base, Growth
Section: 6.5 - Increase your revenue per unit

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T2D3 - Feature matrix and pricing tool

This tool simulates a feature-based pricing model for your product. Organize a list of services, capabilities, and product features into a working draft of your pricing package.


To increase ARPU, you need to get your pricing, positioning, and packaging to the next level. In addition, you need to implement product-led growth tactics and sophisticated upsell promotions and nurture optimizations.

To implement a true value-based pricing pricing model, you need to understand the following pieces:

  • Your pricing unit
  • Your company's features/capabilities/services
  • How common each feature is in the competitive marketplace
  • How much your ideal prospects value each feature

This tool will help you understand how all of the variables intersect and give you a starting point to build your feature-based pricing model from. 


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