The T2D3 B2B SaaS marketing playbook

A collaboration between T2D3 and Kalungi. Execute a tried and tested B2B SaaS go-to-market strategy, step by step. Your marketing checklist.

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The right sequence

Early stage companies need everything, but have limited resources. Get a clear picture of which initiatives are absolute “needs” vs. “nice to haves”, understand which you need to do right now and which can be postponed.

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All-around approach

You need to build for short-term growth and long-term scale. That means martech, content, inbound, outbound, demand gen, partnerships, and everything in between.

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Resources & knowledge

Each card has guides, checklists, or templates to get your team up and running and fill the gaps where your team is less experienced.

Who it's for


You're a T-shaped marketer who needs strategic and tactical direction from a seasoned marketing leader or to buy-in on a long-term growth plan.

The T2D3 Playbook is an invaluable resource for SaaS marketers.

It provides a comprehensive, time-phased list of tasks, deliverables, and templates that support every step of the detailed SaaS marketing process laid out so eloquently in the T2D3 book.


You're looking for a proven, low-risk approach to kickstarting and managing scalable marketing efforts in your company.

We had a plan to execute against, which was extremely valuable.

The playbook outlines where you should be month by month on positioning and messaging, go-to-market strategies, inbound and outbound campaigns, website content, key performance indicators, and more.


You do CMO work on the side of your desk. Or your marketing lead is skilled in one area but needs support to build a full-stack marketing function.

This was huge.

This is a recipe booklet, if you will, for what a company like ours needs to do—and in what sequence—to define our brand and bring products to market. This was huge.

Learn about our B2B SaaS go-to-market playbook

This brief overview  is taken directly from the T2D3 Masterclass.

The B2B SaaS playbook was built by the Kalungi and T2D3 team, including co-founder and author Stijn Hendrikse, and Mike Northfield, over several years. It spans the full marketing function, with hefty contributions from our expert team members who work on all aspects of the marketing function such as content, marketing operations, web development, design, and account-based marketing.

A certified T2D3 coach can help you implement the playbook.

  • Kick-off engagement

  • Marketing strategy

  • Inbound marketing

  • Setup CRM

  • Account-based marketing

  • Optimizing T2D3 growth

kick off saas marketing engagement

Kick-off engagement

Get buy-in from all major stakeholders, conduct a complete marketing audit, assess product market fit and company stage, create your basic strategy, and agree upon your growth priorities.

Understand how your marketing is functioning through your full stack, including content, ABM, email, SEO, etc... Set OKRs and validate your stage in your T2D3 journey.

b2b saas Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy

Lay the groundwork for and plan your go-to-market strategy. Confirm who and what your product is for, your marketing segmentation, your ICP, personas, brand voice, and more.

Create OKRs, identify your positioning within a growth matrix, gather social proof and conduct customer interviews. Workshop pricing and your sales pipeline, consider partners, and start to track metrics.

Inbound marketing playbook

Inbound marketing

Lay the groundwork for your inbound funnel by building out your content, website, and demand generation.

Optimize your SEO, paid search, social, and other channels in alignment with your ROI targets and budget. Create lead magnets like videos, one pagers, and templates. Bolster your website and rebrand if necessary, and create a dashboard with reporting and analytics, and attribution capture.

setup commercial operating system

Setup commercial operating system

Setup your CRM system, automation, and integrations like Google analytics. Create hubs for marketing, sales, services, and a customer portal. Then create training for your team.

Account-based marketing playbook

Account-based marketing

Reach out to individual prospects in a targeted, sophisticated, and automated way. Create lists, messaging, strategy, execution, and set up your ABM mar-tech.

Optimizing t2d3 growth

Optimizing for T2D3 growth

The home stretch.

Optimize your strategy and execution for long-term T2D3 growth path. Optimize ARPU expansion, and pricing and packaging.

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Used to build marketing engines at 100+ B2B SaaS companies

Years in the making, the playbook is the amalgamation of knowledge from countless hours building marketing departments for early-stage software companies.

Breadth and depth

Complemented by the book and the masterclass, you’ll get a breadth of high-level knowledge, and an easy-to-follow guide. Get the full walkthrough with purchase, and gain the knowledge to execute to the fullest extent with the full context of the T2D3 masterclass.

Tasks and checklists


Explanations & articles

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