T2D3 templates for CMOs, founders and go-to-market leaders

A library of frameworks and templates designed to support your journey toward T2D3 growth. Each resource connects to a section in the book. Learn more about the different membership tiers here.

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Section 4.3

Value proposition framework

Use this template to build a messaging framework using the value propositions you create from the "Best, Better, Only" and Positioning exercises.

Section 5.10.1

Brand words exercise

Use this exercise to help your team uncover the adjectives that define your current brand identity – or what you aspire it to be.

Section 5.8

Customer interview template

Use this question & answer template to facilitate customer testimonials and informational interviews.

Section 5.6.1

Customer personas template

Use this template to create personas for your marketing efforts with only the most important pieces of information. These will help your team align on efforts for content, ABM, targeting, and messaging.

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Section 6.5.2

SaaS North breakout session: Your pricing is always on

This is a full recording of Stijn's presentation from the Canadian SaaS conference. You can also access the slides, and our pricing tool here. 

Section 4.3

Positioning vector template

Use this template to define your positioning vectors and illustrate your product's value propositions to your team.

Section 5.5

Ideal Customer Profile template

Use this template to define your ideal customer profile and align your teams on the filters and signals you use for account targeting.

Section 6.2.4

Empowerment matrix template

Use this template to make sure your sales team understands who has the power to grant discounts and to what degree.

Section 4.4

Growth matrix template

Use this template to uncover and prioritize the best growth opportunities for your company’s go-to-market strategy.

Sections 1–6

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Section: none

The T2D3 calculator

Working in tandem with the playbook, this template is the T2D3 formula at work. It will help you create and execute on numerical targets for your T2D3 growth path.

Section 5.3.2

OKR tracker template

This automated spreadsheet will help you accurately and succinctly track your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). 

Section 6.5.2

Feature matrix & pricing tool

This real-time tool will simulate a feature-based pricing model for your product. Organize a list of services, capabilities, and product features into a working draft of your pricing package.

Section 4.4

Growth priority spreadsheet

Once you've created your Growth matrix, this template helps you organize, and compare the impact of your growth levers. 

Section 4.3.2

Competitor research template

This template helps you collect and track important characteristics from competitors in your space. 

Section 4.3.1

Best, better, only template

This template helps you identify your strengths and value in the market. The base for your positioning. 

Section: none

Action tracker template

This template helps you track and categorize your initiatives. Use it with your team or individually. 

Section 5.12

Dashboard 'bowler' template

Track your most important KPIs on performance vs. plan in a simple format. Use this template to build your first "rear-view mirror" funnel dashboard to understand what has happened so far—and drive future insights.

Section 5.14

Budget template

Use this template to estimate your topline marketing budget and get a benchmark for spend in different categories based on attributes of your product and the market.

Sections 1–6

More templates coming

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Product tier - Premium Mix

The playbook

The complete step by step go-to-market playbook. Available now as part of the T2D3 Masterclass.  

Section 5.3.3

The playbook

Our most coveted resource. The playbook helps you with the right sequence and checklist of activities and priorities. Based on our learnings from building marketing teams or coaching marketing leaders at over 100 SaaS companies.