Value proposition framework

Growth stage: 1st base, MVP
Section: 4.3 - Your superpowers

Value Proposition Framework - Outline

This template will help you create your company's value propositions - how you present your value to the world.

Your company provides unique value. To convince your prospects that your product is the best solution for them, you need to understand how put that unique value into words that they can appreciate. Value propositions do just that. 

Create messaging with varying levels of detail and use the snippets to effectively connect with your target personas. Reference section 4.3 for an in depth look at the "why" and "how". 

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When to use this template

Use this template when you're just starting to reach MVP. It will be essential for building your brand website, copy, and identity. Early on, this document should be refreshed on a quarterly basis as you get more customers and learn more about how they experience the value your product provides. Your customer testimonial interviews will help provide fuel for this framework.

It's important that you consider your customer's words to help build your value propositions. If you don't have customers yet, make sure to test and measure the effectiveness of different value propositions.