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Work with a T2D3-trained expert to install T2D3 methodologies at your software startup. Our vetted marketing leaders bring experience, insight, and passion to their client companies.

Starting at $6,500/month for 3 months.


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  • How we’ll customize and implement our marketing playbook in to fit your business

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Available T2D3 coaches

Mike is the co-author of T2D3. He has built and managed marketing functions for multiple B2B SaaS companies as the first marketing leader. His experience spans product-led and sales-led motions with contract values ranging from $200/yr to $100,000+/yr and he has a unique ability to turn ideas into reality by connecting big-picture strategy and vision with precise, tactical campaign execution and measurement.


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With experience in both B2C and B2B companies and years of leading marketing teams, Silvia brings direction, organization, experience, and a curious mind to each project she works at. Her strengths lie in Inbound Marketing, creating strong GTM strategies, and combining creativity and data to make better and more informed decisions. 


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Brian leads the Marketing Leadership team at Kalungi where he trains and mentors up-and-coming Fractional CMOs. Brian is an executive-level marketing leader who has managed teams in diverse industries and company sizes. He combines high-level strategy with tactical execution and business leadership expertise to build and scale marketing departments for long-term growth.


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At Kalungi, Yusuf has worked with various B2B SaaS businesses in different growth stages, including pre-MVP, pre-PMF, PMF, and 20+ year-old established businesses. He’s also helped a few B2B SaaS companies expand into the North American market.


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With an extensive background in B2B & B2C growth marketing, and experience scaling recently-funded SaaS companies, Chua brings the deep knowledge required to drive meaningful growth. He has managed and built marketing functions for nearly a dozen B2B SaaS companies—leading over half a dozen GTM strategies and new brand launches.


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Antoine is a strategic marketing leader with a Master’s in International Business from NYU. Prior to his role as a Fractional CMO at Kalungi, he worked as a PR Consultant for the UN. Antoine is trilingual and has a proven track record of building marketing functions for SaaS companies in the healthcare, human resources, and gaming industries.


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Coaches are endorsed by Stijn Hendrikse and have led marketing for multiple B2B SaaS companies

T2D3 partners with Kalungi—the only outsourced marketing agency for B2B SaaS—to train and certify marketing leaders on T2D3 methodologies. Kalungi has implemented T2D3 approaches at over 75 B2B SaaS companies. 

Coaches are well-versed and certified on T2D3 methodology

Certified Practitioners have demonstrated an expert understanding of the T2D3 approach and have hands-on experience building go-to-market programs for multiple B2B SaaS startups.

How the T2D3 coaching program works

Step 1

We’ll pair you with a coach whose experience and skillset matches your company's go-to-market needs. Every situation and business is different.

Step 2

Your coach will guide you through a go-to-market playbook customized to match your company, product, market, and team resources.

Step 3

A weekly 1-on-1 meeting cadence will create a rhythm for discussing high-priority projects and adjusting your go-to-market roadmap.

Step 4

Your coach will enlist marketing subject-matter specialists from Kalungi to join coaching calls when you need guidance on tactical topics.

Your T2D3 coach can help you with...

Product marketing
Positioning & messaging
Demand gen & growth strategy
Content strategy
Managing KPIs & OKRs
Channel marketing
Hiring & up-leveling your team
And more...

Need more support?
Get a full-service marketing team

Kalungi doesn’t just offer coaching, we also offer a full-service team of B2B SaaS marketing specialists. From content writers, to web deb, to design, to ABM, our experienced team, led by one of our CMOs, can support you in any and every marketing function you need.

What’s more, our support scales up and down to meet your unique needs and goals at every growth stage.

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