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Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson is a seasoned Fractional CMO at Kalungi, where he applies over three decades of marketing expertise to help B2B SaaS companies achieve rapid growth and scale efficiently. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the SaaS landscape, Neil specializes in crafting strategic marketing plans that align with business goals, driving measurable results.

At the heart of Neil's approach is a robust, data-driven methodology that ensures every marketing dollar is invested wisely. He excels in dissecting market trends and customer insights to inform strategic decisions, leveraging a combination of innovative thinking and analytical acumen to stay ahead of the curve.

In his role, Neil focuses on key marketing areas critical to a SaaS company's success. He designs and implements comprehensive go-to-market strategies that ensure a cohesive brand message across all channels, enhancing market penetration and customer acquisition. His expertise in demand generation helps companies attract high-quality leads, optimizing the marketing funnel for maximum conversion and customer engagement. Additionally, Neil’s skills in managing press analyst relations strengthen company reputations, building trust and authority in competitive markets.

Neil's leadership extends beyond strategic marketing. He fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, guiding teams to excel in their roles and contribute to overarching business objectives. His visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled numerous SaaS companies from startup to scaleup stages, establishing a legacy of success in the tech industry.

Areas of expertise:

Global experience
P&L management
Business design & market strategy
Branding & go-to-markets
Press/analyst relations
Demand generation
Business partnerships
Organizational design
Talent & leadership development
Customer delight

From >$10M to $90M in profit 

Grew profit levels from single digits to $90M in three years for Spirent

$9M to $60M in revenue in 4 years

Drove growth at Cask to bring ServiceNow Revenue up to $60M between 2017 and 2021
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“Neil's strategic prowess was a game-changer for Polaris, driving the development and execution of a growth marketing strategy that reignited our progress. His adeptness at conveying the intangible value of our service-centric tech business was remarkable, effectively manifesting the value of our work product. After hitting a growth ceiling, his precise, results-oriented marketing campaigns not only reinvigorated our growth but also markedly increased the market visibility and value of our brand, culminating in the successful acquisition of Polaris by 3Cloud. We are profoundly grateful for Neil's direction in helping to chart our successful course.”


“For over a decade, Neil has been an integral part of Matrium's journey, steering our business strategy and marketing endeavors. Serving in various capacities—from Fractional VP of Business Strategy and Development to Chief Marketing Officer, an EOS implementer, and even a Director on our Board.

Neil's grasp on the nuances of business growth and his ability to harness them effectively is unmatched. His profound insight into the global technology sector, combined with his relentless energy and mastery of cutting-edge marketing strategies, has significantly propelled Matrium's revenue, profitability, and organisational maturity.”


“I first collaborated with Neil during his tenure as VP Global Services at Spirent, where he spearheaded the acquisition of Fanfare, to enhance his automation services portfolio. Since then, our paths have crossed numerous times as he took on the role of Fractional CMO for various technology firms during the rollout of Navu. Neil stands out as a formidable marketing leader, possessing a keen strategic vision. He excels in synthesizing myriad tactical elements into a cohesive growth strategy, a skill that has been invaluable in bringing innovations to market and securing real customer feedback for Navu.”


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