Customer personas template

Growth stage: 2nd base, PMF
Section: 5.6.1 - Now make it personal

Customer persona template - Outline

This template will help you create the three most important personas for your go-to-market efforts. Personas are fictional representations of people (contacts) that belong to companies within your Ideal Customer Profile accounts (companies).

Personas represent an amalgamation of your customer types. They reflect everything from job descriptions to fears and dreams, and resistance to change.

Many companies develop multiple personas for marketing. In our work with B2B SaaS companies, we have found that for any campaign, be it account-based marketing (ABM), inbound marketing, content marketing, or even a product launch, you only need three personas to have success. More personas just lead to confusion, complexity, and unnecessary extra work. All you need are three fundamental, foundational personas:

  •  P1: The User (or Beneficiary)
  • P2: The Decision Maker (or Supervisor)
  • P3: The Executive (or Sponsor)
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When to use this template

Use this template after you've created your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The Customer personas template will help you drill down on the different customer groups your team needs to be creating content, messaging, and materials for.