Customer interview template

Growth stage: 2nd base, PMF
Section: 5.8 - Customer testimonials

Testimonial Interview Questions

This template will help you conduct customer interviews for testimonials. Reference section 5.8 of the book for a more detailed discussion surrounding testimonials, techniques, and takeaways. 

In the early stages of your company, customer testimonials are arguably the most important piece of content you can have. When you say something about your product, it's 'marketing'. When an 'outsider' says something about your product, it's validating and trustworthy social proof. This framework template will help you leverage your customer interviews to get valuable feedback for your value proposition pillars, and collect high quality inputs to craft the best testimonials you can. 

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When to use this template

Use this template after you've reached MVP and have a few customers who are experiencing value from your product. Section 5.8 of the T2D3 book will give you tools and example notes to help you line up these interviews with your customers.