Brand words exercise

Growth stage: 2nd base, PMF
Section: 5.10.1 - Finding your voice

T2D3 - Brand Words Exercise

This exercise will help your team figure out the best words for defining your current brand identity – or what you aspire it to be.

Your voice is a fundamental part of your positioning, messaging, and ultimately your brand. What you sound like, how you say things, what you say, the vocabulary you use all add up to what people feel when they interact with your content, and what they remember about the engagement.

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When to use this template

Use this template before you formalize your first brand style guide. The outputs of this exercise will be extremely helpful for your writers, designers and product marketers as they define your brand identity.

After you pick a core set of adjectives to define your brand (and maybe also a list of adjectives that define what your brand is not), it is time to create a clear narrative. Use these adjectives to write sentences that define your persona, like: “We are formal, but not elite”. It is helpful to write examples of what these brand voice attributes sound like in your messaging and positioning guide.