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Unlocking success in the ever-changing SaaS landscape

In a recent podcast episode, Stijn and Ton shed light on the critical factors that lead to success in SaaS marketing. Let's look at some of the key takeaways.

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In a recent podcast episode, Stijn was interviewed by Ton Dobbe, another SaaS Marketing expert and fellow Dutchman.  They talk about the things they both witnessed during their careers as leaders in the B2B SaaS marketing space and the dynamic nature of the software industry. In their conversation, Stijn and Ton shed light on the critical factors that lead to success in SaaS marketing. Let's explore some of the key takeaways from their conversation.

  1. Embrace agility and constant learning

In an industry characterized by rapid advancements, adaptability and a thirst for knowledge are vital attributes for software marketing teams. Stijn emphasizes the importance of collaborating with agile individuals who possess a growth mindset:

"One of the things I've really come to appreciate when you work in the software industry, which I've done for all of my career, is things change so fast that working together with people who can also change fast - who can learn fast, who are curious, who want to constantly challenge the status quo and do things better - is usually a formula for success."

By embracing change, learning quickly, and challenging existing norms, you can set the stage for triumph.

  1. Focus on product-market fit

While acquiring customers is important, Stijn highlights the significance of nurturing a loyal customer base that advocates for your product:

"One of the things that’s not always appreciated is how valuable and how much of an indicator of long-term success it is to reach real product-market fit. Real product-market fit is defined as not just having a couple of customers who understand your solution and value it enough to pay you, but that stay, and they say so to others. That's the flywheel, and that's the fundamental mechanics of a SaaS company."

Achieving product-market fit involves not only providing value but also ensuring customer retention and satisfaction. This positive feedback loop creates a solid foundation for sustained success in the SaaS industry.

Stijn also posted a simple “test” to see if you've reached PMF on his LinkedIn profile that you may want to check out. 

  1. Simplify marketing with fundamental questions

Stijn underscores the simplicity of effective marketing:

"Marketing is convincing people to make a certain decision, or adopt a certain behavior, or to believe something new. And all those things start with people needing to answer three questions, call it a buyer's journey or the commercial journey: Why should I care? Why you? And why now?"

By answering these fundamental questions, you can craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. Avoid falling into the trap of overthinking the marketing process; instead, focus on practical tactics, playbooks, and templates that facilitate clear communication of your value proposition.

  1. Balancing growth and unit economics

While ambitious growth goals are admirable, Stijn emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong unit economics, especially in a market with limited capital availability:

"I think T2D3 is a set of expectations for VCs - the aspirational goal to become a hundred million ARR company... but the reality is that most have a very hard time getting to that ultimate outcome. And as they are on the journey towards that, the things that I think are now really top of mind, especially in 2023, with capital not as cheap or available, is that you have to make sure that your unit economics are strong."

Striking a balance between growth rate and profitability is crucial for long-term sustainability. By aligning the T2D3 growth strategy with a focus on solid unit economics, you can set your SaaS company up for success.

  1. Building a solid foundation

In recent times, the SaaS industry has witnessed a shift towards prioritizing foundational aspects such as sales efficiency, effective marketing, and accountable practices.

"I think now, in 2023, we're a little more healthy and striking a balance... I think that's really cool to see in the last couple of months all the conversations I have had with companies who just want to do it the right way."

The days of merely throwing money at problems are behind us. Today, VPs of marketing and sales are held responsible for delivering measurable results and acquiring customers at the right acquisition cost.

  1. Patch the leak before pouring more water

Before expanding your customer base, it is crucial to ensure the existing business operations are optimized. Stijn advises focusing on customer retention, renewals, and addressing any leaks in your business model. 

"When I do an audit or assessment of how a company is doing, I look at a couple of things. One is, do they really understand the mechanics of a SaaS's important. You need to patch the leak before you pour more water in."

By patching these leaks, you can build a solid foundation and optimize your resources, thus facilitating future growth.

  1. Navigating the journey to market adoption

To successfully penetrate the market, Stijn emphasizes the significance of targeting innovators and early adopters

"I love to use the 'crossing the chasm' model from Jeffrey Moore to talk about innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards... You'll have to market to the innovators, the early adopters... this innovator audience is really cool because they can help you, basically, finalize your product."

These early-stage customers are enthusiastic about helping you refine your product and provide valuable feedback. While they may not always translate into long-term customers, they serve as a bridge towards the economic buyers in the early majority who are crucial for sustainable growth.


Stijn Hendrikse's vast marketing experience in the SaaS industry offers invaluable insights into achieving success. From embracing agility and nurturing real product-market fit to simplifying marketing tactics and balancing growth with unit economics, Stijn's wisdom provides a roadmap for marketers and SaaS entrepreneurs in 2023 and beyond.

So, whether you're a CEO, a founder, or an aspiring marketer, make sure to tune in to this enlightening podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of SaaS marketing and discover the keys to unlocking long-term success.

Remember, it all starts with a willingness to adapt, learn, and embrace change in a landscape that never stops evolving.

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