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A course & certification for B2B SaaS CMOs, founders, & go-to-market leaders

The T2D3 CMO Masterclass program is designed to give you everything you need to build, execute, and manage a complete go-to-market for your B2B SaaS company.

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10+ hours of training for every component of your go-to-market

Each lesson teaches a fundamental go-to-market concept. Every lesson is self-paced with tangible frameworks, real examples, and repeatable systems.

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A complete set of tools, templates and assets

We've built a library of straightforward templates and tools to make your daily go-to-market work easier—including resources to help you introduce and explain impactful concepts to your executive peers.

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Meaningful assignments to help you apply your learning

This isn't about regurtitation. It's about understanding strategic concepts and applying them. Each takeaway project is designed to help you individualize your learnings for your own company.

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Become a certified T2D3 practitioner

Get certified. Signal to your leadership team (or future CEO) that you're serious about your executive marketing toolkit. Certified members may be invited to the T2D3 job board to be connected with serious fractional CMO or in-house B2B SaaS marketing leadership opportunities.


5 Stars

The most foundational shift I have experienced due to the T2D3 masterclasses is my new ability to step back, holistically assess a company’s situation, and know where to aim their go-to-market strategy in a way that sets them up for success.

I see how everything works together. The masterclasses have exponentially grown my marketing knowledge and allowed me to really feel like a B2B SaaS marketing expert.


5 Stars

I’ve used the T2D3 model to help my clients understand how they fit into the market and what their growth stage means for their goals. It gave me new language to get buy-in from the executive teams to rethink their original direction in favor of efforts proven to be more effective for their products, markets, competition, and capabilities.

Don't take our word for it

Hear what SaaS marketing pro Kate De Groot had to say about the Masterclass certification course.


The T2D3 B2B SaaS marketing playbook

A collaboration between T2D3 and Kalungi. Execute a tried and tested B2B SaaS go-to-market strategy, step by step. Your marketing checklist.

Only available in the T2D3 Masterclass.

SaaS marketing playbook organization

The right sequence

Early stage companies need everything, but have limited resources. Get a clear picture of which initiatives are absolute “needs” vs. “nice to haves”, understand which you need to do right now and which can be postponed.

SaaS marketing playbook holistic approach

All-around approach

You need to build for short-term growth and long-term scale. That means martech, content, inbound, outbound, demand gen, partnerships, and everything in between.

SaaS marketing playbook resources

Resources and knowledge

Each card has guides, checklists, or templates to get your team up and running and fill the gaps where your team is less experienced.

T2D3 CMO Masterclass curriculum

The T2D3 Masterclass makes going to market with a b2b software product a whole lot easier. 10+ hours of self-paced learned paired with templates, cheat sheets, quizzes, and certification badges for demonstrating your applied knowledge.

Lecture 1

How to become a B2B SaaS CMO

Learn about the three pillars of success for a B2B SaaS CMO: Leadership, Management, and ROI.


  • Budget and build your team
  • Create followership in the board room and from your executive peers
  • Drive ever increasing marketing outcomes at the right cost 
Lecture 2

The SaaS journey

Understand the journey of a high growth B2B SaaS venture, how to manage the marketing function based on stage.


  • Learn the MVP, PMF and T2D3 milestones that a SaaS Company will encounter as it grows fast
  • Validate your growth stage through situational awareness
  • Learn the right Go-to-market strategy for your category and maturity
Lecture 3

Managing marketing strategy

Introduction to the strategic foundation of marketing for T2D3 growth.


  • Balancing strategy and execution
  • How to get sign off and buy in from leadership 
  • Ground tactical marketing function in strategy, and prepare a strategy workshop 
Lecture 4

Prioritizing growth

Approach your growth strategy and Go-to-market from the right angle. 


  • Complete the Ansoff Matrix and identify the four different growth avenues
  • Assess your business, prioritize growth strategies, and learn how to "pick your patch" 
  • Dive into your business characteristics like ICP, ACV, ARR, etc. 
Lecture 5

Managing marketing tactics

Learn how to approach the tactical foundation of marketing for T2D3 growth.


  • Create OKRs and KPIs for team members
  • Tracking and getting the right dashboards
  • How to execute on and lead the tactical marketing function
Lecture 6

Positioning & messaging

Learn how to best position your business in your market. 


  • Identify your strengths through the best, better, only framework
  • Learn how to differentiate your business through a unique value proposition
Lecture 7

Market segmentation & ICP

Learn how to best segment and target your market, and find your beachheads.


  • Learn TAM SAM SOM for your business
  • Prepare your Ideal Customer Profile, and assess viability 
  • Segment contacts through filters and signals 


Lecture 8


Learn to create accurate personas for your business along the B2B journey. 


  • Learn the Job to be done framework, your audience's pains
  • Understand Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Learn how to create relevant messaging and content, and address the 3 funnel questions


Lecture 9

SEO for CMOs

Learn how to conceptualize and execute on SEO strategy.


  • Learn how to manage SEO as a CMO
  • Understand where to focus and how to start
  • Learn how to create an SEO engine for your company


Lecture 1oA

Voice of the customer

Understand how to make your most important piece of content, customer testimonials.


  • Understand the framework and ideology behind testimonials
  • Learn the full process from sourcing interviewees to organization, to publication and amplification.
Lecture 1oB

How to write (killer) testimonials

Get pro tips on how to interview for and write an effective testimonial from special guest Gary Graf.


  • Go deep on questions to ask during an interview and learn how to write an effective testimonial
Lecture 11

The playbook

Stijn goes deep on the T2D3 playbook — our step by step task list that you can use to manage your go-to-market and marketing function.


  • Learn the T2D3 playbook and how to use it
  • Learn the T2D3 calculator, created to help you project your target numbers
Lecture 12


Go in depth on SaaS pricing fundamentals, and the nitty gritty so you can build out and implement a full pricing strategy and model.


  • Learn how to evaluate your pricing strategy
  • Build a feature-based pricing model 
  • Strike the right balance between profitability and good customer experience
Lecture 13

Inspect what you expect - Reporting and analytics

Learn one of our most fundamental rules in business, and how to report, manage your team, and manage analytics and progress.

  • Learn dashboards, bowlers, and reports
  • How to effectively manage your weekly and monthly team meetings, and reporting
  • How to recover from lagging numbers, drive ARR, and measure impact
Lecture 14

Acount-based marketing

Learn one of the most important marketing tactics, ABM. 

  • Learn the logos behind ABM and when it can fit into your marketing strategy
  • How to choose, target, and win the right high value accounts
  • Learn how to manage and track outreach, direct messaging, emails, etc. 
  • Execute on our method with the "six C's" 
Lecture 15

Messaging and content development

Learn the keys to good content and messaging, and how to engage your audience with valuable content. 

  • Learn to write for your audience
  • Create content for different stages of the funnel using the "wow, how, now" framework
  • Learn how to create one-pagers, lead magnets, and other content that converts 
  • Tracking and measuring impact of content
Lecture 16

Channel marketing

Learn the ins and outs of building and maintaining successful, scalable channel marketing programs.

  • Learn when the right time is to launch your first partner programs
  • Scale your growth with resellers, subcontractors, distributors, and more
  • Find industry communities of potential promoters
  • See real-world examples of effective SaaS partner recruiting, management, and incentive programs
Lecture 17

Creating your annual plan

Lay out your complete sales and marketing annual plan.

  • Align expectations with your stakeholders
  • Define where you are on your T2D3 growth journey, and where you need to get to this year
  • Build your growth and financial plans with tools from our template library
Lectures 18-20+

Bonus lessons coming soon

Additional lessons may include:

Building a team
Growth management/Growing ARPU
Demand generation

Get T2D3 certified

Put your marketing knowledge to the test and prove your B2B SaaS go-to-market expertise with T2D3's certifications.

With exams covering the whole of the Masterclass curriculum, a T2D3 certification is a powerful signal of your B2B SaaS marketing capabilities.

b2b saas gtm certification course


Masterclass + Playbook


The complete program, with certification. Lifetime access to all materials, bonus lectures, T2D3 practitioner certification, and access to the T2D3 Playbook.

  • 10+ hours of lectures
  • Access to the T2D3 playbook
  • Lifetime access to all updates and bonus lectures
  • 1-year Pro membership
  • Templates, assignments, and quizzes
  • Pricing for teams, students, and recent grads
  • Two certification exams

Masterclass + Playbook + Stijn 1:1


Get everything included in our standard Masterclass and Playbook offering plus level up your learning and get experience-backed insights on your company with 1 tutorial session credit to review your work or business with Stijn.

  • Everything included in the T2D3 Masterclass program + Playbook
  • 60-minute 1:1 feedback session with Stijn

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Frequently asked questions

Will this program also work for beginners?

Yes. This program complements the book. It's designed for both existing (and aspiring) marketing leaders, founders, and growth teams building B2B SaaS companies.

While an existing foundation of marketing and business knowledge will help you move quicker, beginners can certainly use this program to skill up quickly. 

These materials are designed for any go-to-market leader who wants to improve their strategic and managerial toolkit.

Who should (or shouldn't) join the program?

This course is for: B2B SaaS startup founders, executives, investors, and marketing leaders who want to understand and maximize the role that marketing plays in their startup's success.

This course is not for: People looking for marketing gimmicks or short-term growth hacks. The T2D3 Masterclass is about doing things at the right level, in the right order, and understanding that sustainable growth comes from combining strategic patience with tactical impatience. 

Is team pricing available? Can I use this course to train my team?

Team pricing is available at a rate of 10% off per seat added, up to 40%. For example, if you buy 3 licenses, you'll get 30% off total price.

As a customer put it, getting everyone to "speak the same language" in your organization can be extremely helpful and useful. 

If you've recommended the book to your team, the next logical step could be masterclass purchases. 

Please email to purchase multiple licenses at a discount. 

How is the program different from the book?

The program compliments the book and builds upon it. If the book is a textbook, the program is a college course. Where the book goes, the course goes deeper and gives you examples, takeaways, and hands on learning. 

Why should I get the masterclass and the playbook?

While the playbook can be very helpful for someone with the right background and tools, the masterclass gives you a full understanding of what you're doing, how to do it, and why.

As one of our customers described it, the masterclass helps with the "why and how", whereas the playbook helps with the "when" and the "step by step". 

Can I expense this?

Many employers may recognize this course as something to be included in a learning budget. We believe that this is valid, as the course furthers your tactical and strategic marketing skills. 

If you're interested in seeking financial support for your purchase, use our expense proposal template as a starting place!

How do I give feedback?

Want to help us grow?

We love hearing your thoughts. Please email  with feedback, or set up a time to talk.

Or you can take our Masterclass survey here!

Who do I contact for support?

If you have questions about the app or need technical support, please contact

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