Stijn Hendrikse

After 15 years of experience in the Software Marketing Industry, Stijn adopted the SaaS model to launch Kalungi, a marketing agency that specializes in assisting B2B SaaS companies.

Stories by Stijn

3rd Base - Drive T2D3 Growth

Setting ABM Goals to Optimize Conversion

Learn how to properly set, measure and learn from your ABM goals to nurture prospects and optimize conversion.

3rd Base - Drive T2D3 Growth

Cultivating your ABM leads for B2B SaaS Growth

Understanding the outreach process to cultivate ABM growth in B2B SaaS. Learn tips and strategies to nurture prospects and increase success.

3rd Base - Drive T2D3 Growth

Creating Relevant Content for B2B SaaS Startups

Learn how to create effective and impactful content for your target audience throughout the customer journey to drive B2B SaaS growth.