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Marketing OKRs for B2B SaaS Startups

Here's a set of marketing OKR examples for B2B SaaS startups that help balance driving demand, sustainable growth and good ROI.

The art and science of marketing are both a beauty and a curse for the modern marketer. The diversity of the function allows for endless job satisfaction and a broad impact on the business. From design to branding and behavioral economics, to funnel optimization, spreadsheet models, and a/b testing. The variety of challenges, and superpowers needed, is vast. It also means that marketing is often to blame for anything that goes wrong in the business.

A great tool to deploy to make sure your Marketing function is focused on what matters most are OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). The quarterly planning focus balances the need for prioritization and focused execution, with the reality that needs will change fast in a growing SaaS Startup.

Here is an example list of excellent OKRs for a typical B2B SaaS Marketing leader (or team). The bullets under the Key Results are Initiatives (or Actions) to achieve the Key Results. You will change these if they don't get the results you want.

  1.     Objective: Drive Demand for our Products and Services

1.1.   Key Result: Grow sales funnel with XX new SQLs

1.1.1.  Increase Conversions to SQLs through A/B Testing

1.1.2.  Drive “Meetings Happened” Focus with Sales

1.2.   Key Result: Drive YY New MQLs

1.2.1.  Execute ABM Campaigns to 2 specific Verticals

1.2.2.  Optimize Prospect/Lead Nurture Campaigns

1.2.3.  Improve channel attribution to drive optimization

1.3.   Key Result: ZZ New Subscribers (opt-ins)

1.3.1.  Launch holistic Content Marketing

1.3.2.  Confirm a CTA on all content

1.3.3.  Improve top 10 Landing Pages on-page SEO

1.3.4.  Drive off-page SEO from Partner properties

  1.     Objective: Build Growth Flywheel

2.1.   Key Result: One New Customer from referral program

2.2.   Key Result: X Meetings Happened from Organic Search

2.3.   Key Result: Optimized CTA on top 5 Content pieces

  1.     Objective: Build a new GTM for a new Niche-to-Nail

3.1.   Key Result: ICP completed & TAM/SAM/SOM defined

3.2.   Key Result: 2 New Testimonials from the ICP are published online

3.3.   Key Result: XX list targets acquired with validated email addresses

  1.     Objective: Improve Return on Marketing Spend (ROMI)

4.1.   Key Result: Lower Customer Acquisition Cost to <$XX

4.2.   Key Result: Get cost/MQL below ZZ

 The playbook to create your plan

At T2D3.pro you can find templates for the playbook to scale a fast-growing B2B SaaS venture. The playbook helps you with the right sequence and checklist of activities and priorities. The playbook is based on building marketing teams or coaching the marketing leaders at a combined 100 companies. The playbook will help you do the right things in the right order, at the right time, and can be a great resource to train your team on tactics they do for the first time. In addition to the playbook template, you can also find many other templates for dashboards, marketing- and content calendars, your first budget etc. available for download on the T2D3.pro website.

In addition, the company Fadi George and I founded together, Kalungi, has a team that can help you execute this proven playbook through either coaching of your CMO, or outsourcing your marketing.

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