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2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

Marketing OKRs for B2B SaaS Startups

Here's a set of marketing OKR examples for B2B SaaS startups that help balance driving demand, sustainable growth and good ROI.

3rd Base - Drive T2D3 Growth

How to manage discounts by your sales team

How do you manage the empowerment for your sales and customer success teams to discount your prices or change terms?

2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

How to Create Impactful Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are key to effective marketing. Here you find customer testimonial examples and a customer testimonial template.

2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

Your first B2B SaaS Marketing Dashboard

To inspect what you expect, you need a good dashboard to underpin your B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy. Start here.

2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

Defining Personas in B2B SaaS Marketing

Your B2B SaaS go to market strategies will need multiple personas to reflect the complex B2B buyers journey. Here’s how to get started.

2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

Defining your Ideal Customer Profile

Your marketing strategy for B2B SaaS needs define companies and people to go after. Learn how to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

B2B SaaS Marketing Introduction

What is B2B SaaS Marketing?

Marketing and Sales for B2B SaaS companies is fundamentally different. Learn what makes B2B SaaS Marketing special.

2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

Creating your B2B SaaS Content Marketing Plan

How to get started with B2B SaaS Content Marketing as a startup? How to get results fast, what to measure? What to write about and when to worry...

2nd Base - Reach Product Market Fit

How to name your SaaS Pricing Comparison Plans

When packaging and naming your SaaS Pricing Comparison Plans, we use 3 inputs: jobs-to-be-done, utility value, and making safe choices. Learn more...

1st Base - Get to MVP

Go to Market Strategy B2B SaaS to get to MVP

For your Go To Market Strategy B2B SaaS, what's the best way to get to MVP? Learn from the Founder of the SaaS success story Atera here.